Food safety for humans and prevention of food diseases

The aim of food safety is studying the consequences that could compare because of a wrong evaluation of food healthiness.

Research fields

Microbial ecology of food for humans
The characteristics of the key microorganism that cause food diseases or spoilage are studied in this research field. Combined with this is the study of their prevalence in food meant for humans.  The objective of this is to promote awareness within academia and the food industry of the microorganisms in the food we are studying, as well as informing about their growth potential based on the food matrix considered.

Health and safety of human food
This research field involves the study of microorganisms, such as environmental factors and microorganisms in the food chain. As microorganisms are not appropriated, they can compromise food safety and human health. For this reason, this branch provides academia and the food industry with new insights into the potential risks of microorganisms and new strategies to prevent diseases.