LOWE MEAT: Trial and development of a low-emissions breeding system of beef veal in Veneto

This project is sponsored by PSR Veneto 2014–2020 and comprises various departments at Italian universities. The MAPS department within the Professors Flaviana Gottardo, the Department ICEA within the Professor Gianmaria Concheri. Other participants include the Stalla Sociale di Monastier and the Stalla Sociale di Fossalunga, and it is coordinated by AZOVE: Associazione Produttori di Carni Bovine in Veneto.

The project

After establishing finance and the feasibility of the project in March 2018, the group found the popular opinion with its main interest being the intensive farming of beef veal in Veneto, which in recent years has reached a high level of specialisation and productivity. Its attention is focused on agro-zootechnic systems and strategies to lower the environmental cost of the industry.

The purpose of LOWE MEAT is to issue production guidelines to farmers, advise them how to reduce emissions of ammonia and other climate-altering gases from the entire production process (from land to farmgate to the table). Its goal is to extend into slaughtering, the meat industry and meat market processes in the near future.

The main aims of the project are divided into phases:

  • Cultivation and zootechincal food production
  • Food preservation, with particular attention on silage
  • Breeding (stable)
  • Storage and use of wastewater
  • Slaughter and sectioning

The effective aims are to:

  • Develop a new beef cattle breeding model to minimise climate-altering gas emissions in the atmosphere referred to a new certifiable production process
  • Improve the efficiency of beef cattle production in Veneto
  • Increase producers’ ability to apply the best practices of cultivation, breeding and wastewater management to reduce emissions into the atmosphere
  • Show farmers the environmental benefits of new applications and best practises

The actions of the project: 16.1 and 16.2, which refer to Constitution and management of PEI operative groups regarding productivity and sustainability of agriculture. Realization of pilots and development of new applications and best practices.