Student mobility

Are you interested in veterinary medicine courses and practicals at the Agripolis Campus?

Erasmus+ at the University of Padova represents an opportunity for students to grow and update all their knowledge. It is the chance to experience new cultures for both Italian and exchange students. To access the Erasmus+ programme and study at MAPS, Veterinary medicine is necessary follow some procedures which are presented in the Homeland University website.

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Are you a fourth- or fifth-year veterinary medicine student interested in an internship at our Veterinary Teaching Hospital?

Our Veterinary Teaching Hospital can host several international veterinary medicine graduates for short-term internships. If you recently graduated and you want to improve your clinical expertise, you can apply for a short-term internship at our Veterinary Teaching Hospital. 

Write to, specifying how long you would like to spend there and the specific area that you would like to practice (i.e. companion animal, farms animals, horse clinic). You can attach a brief CV and/or a cover letter with your application.