Teaching quality

Teaching is a foundational pillar of the University of Padova. For this, relationships between students, teachers and staff are key for the student's progression. 

According to quality policies, the University of Padova bases the quality of its teaching on the integration of research and teaching activities. This allows to foster the transfer of knowledge to training programmes. These policies are implemented through a number of actions, projects and methods that affect the student's entire training programme, ranging from new students orientation to the entry of graduates into the labor market.

In order to ensure a proper implementation of processes and keep track of and monitor achievement of targets as per Quality policies, the University has adopted a number of tools, among which are the Week for the Improvement of Teaching, the Monitoring Reports and the Cyclical and Annual Review Reports.

The Week for the Improvement of Teaching is organised every year with the aim of promoting meetings open to teachers, students, technical-administrative staff and stakeholders. On this occasion, particular attention is placed on students' opinions on subjects offered throughout the previous academic year so as to further improve the quality of the training programme.

Presentations from previous years are reported below:

The Monitoring reports, including the Cyclical and Annual Review Reports submitted by the Group for Accreditation and Evaluation (GAV), are reported below: